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Newly Added Information - ASK Services
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Newly Added Information

Newly Added Information

Hello, all!

All of the information that is on the current Intranet under “Announcements” (on the Vendor Page) has been migrated to this Intranet site. It has been placed on the left under the newly created “Research Tools” tab. My hope is that the layout provides a more concise way of finding what someone is looking for. Please take a moment to click through and let me know what you think.

Additionally, some of the information from the left side bar of the current Intranet has been included in the same place. For example, I was responsible for the Investigative Services information, which essentially is a repeat of what is found in announcements.

I was also responsible for migrating the Client Services information that exists on the left side bar of the current Intranet. It can now be found at the top of the right side bar of this Intranet in a widget titled “Customer Service Quick Forms.”

That being said, if any one needs any help with their tasks, please let me know. I will be happy to help where I can.

Enjoy your weekend!

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